2017 Advent Devotional: On the Christmas Treetop…

By: Advent Devotional

Posted: December 3, 2017

Category: Daily Devotional


Len and Mary Ellen Porter rightfully deserve the credit for the theme of this year’s Advent Devotional. They suggested that we might focus our attention on tree toppers. With that suggestion, the title for this year’s devotional, “On the Christmas Treetop, …”, came into being. I thank Mary Ellen and Len for their suggestion which laid the ground work for this devotional. Even though they have relocated to Asheville, North Carolina, they submitted stories for this collection. We miss them, but we are happy that they are still contributors to this project. Enjoy!

Looking Toward 2018

“Before or After the Christmas Presents, Breakfast/Brunch”

Some years ago we did an Advent Devotional Cookbook and it seems that it is time to return to a similar undertaking. “Before or After the Presents, Christmas Breakfast/Brunch.” We want to focus exclusively on breakfast or brunch foods that are traditional to your family’s celebration. We invite you to share recipes for foods that might be found on your breakfast table on Christmas morning. Main dish casseroles, side dishes, festive breads, fruits, and beverages are some of the categories of recipes we would like you to share.

If you do not exchange gifts in the morning, we don’t want you to be left out and feel that you cannot participate. We would also welcome recipes for salty or sweet snacks and beverages that you enjoy while the unwrapping of gifts goes on. Table fellowship is a large part of most people’s celebration of Christmas and so we invite you to share recipes for those holiday foods that you so enjoy and look forward to eating during the Christmas Season. You provide the recipes and any story about the dish and the role it has played in your celebration of the holidays. We will supply some scripture and a brief prayer to make the devotional complete. I believe we will have another tasty treat in store for us as we look forward to the celebration of Jesus’ birth at Christmas 2018.