A Big Job for a Little Person

By: Steve Negley

Posted: February 22, 2019

Category: Daily Devotional


How do you get young people to understand the work of a prophet? (And for that matter, how do all of us come to know that we are to tell others of God’s love?)

In the Spark Story Bible, it comes by sharing the story of the prophet Jeremiah:

“When Jeremiah was just a boy, God told him that he was going to be a prophet. He was going to tell all sorts of people about God. Jeremiah couldn’t believe it!

God and Jeremiah had a big talk. ‘Jeremiah, I knew who you were before you were even growing inside your mom,’ God said. ‘You were born to be a prophet!’

Jeremiah was nervous. ‘But, God. I’m just a kid! I don’t know what to say to grown-ups!’ he said.

‘We’ll do it together,’ God said. ‘Where you go, I will go with you. When you talk, I’ll give you the words.’

God touched Jeremiah’s lips. ‘Now your mouth is full of my words’, God announced. ‘Go tell everybody about my love.’

God and Jeremiah made a good team. Jeremiah took God’s love to many people in many places.

God uses people, young and older, to let the world know of God’s love. Do you know that God loves you? Are you willing and able to share that good news with someone else who needs to know of God’s love?


God, help me to go knowing that You go with me today. Help me to speak of Your love, knowing that You will give me the words to tell of Your wonderful love for me and Your other children. Amen.