As You Receive, Gladly Give

By: Ray Larson

Posted: August 11, 2016

Category: Daily Devotional

Reading from the Book of Acts helps us especially as we remember that it is alleged to have been written by one of the apostles, known as Luke. I say this because the book of Acts often times reads like a sermon. A sermon we always need to hear. On Sunday morning while attending worship the Lord will speak to us about not only receiving but, as important, our giving. We read the Lord Himself said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Speaking for myself as a preacher, I can honestly say it is. At least it has in my case. I have found that the greatest joy comes as I am able to give in word and in deed to others, who in turn, will be able to share the Good News given to them with those they come in contact each and every day. And the beat goes on!

This joy of giving grows even greater as those who receive then in turn give joyfully to others; and so on. It is sort of like when my wife bakes one of her delicious pies, which I truly enjoy, and then I’m able to share it with others. I am blest as I enjoy eating her delicious pie, but then actually am blest even greater as I am able to share it. From this example I find a greater blessing in sharing rather than keeping it to myself. As we are blest by Christ our Lord and Savior, living in His Grace, we have found a greater blessing sharing what we have been given than simply keeping it all for the self. From our Savior we learn that It is truly more blessed to give than receive.

We have learned that we need to live the faith we have received from Jesus the Christ.  Jesus came preaching a new way of living. Holy ideas were not Jesus’ main concern.  Holy people were the subjects of the Good News he came to live and teach. Jesus did not come simply to teach a new way, He came to share what it really takes to live as one of His people. The best Word to be seen and heard is not something we have learned, but the Way we now joyfully live. In the world, what we do is much more powerful and needed than what we say. Can I say or can we say to the world we live in, as Paul was able to say, “You yourselves know how I lived among you the entire time” 18b.  Do we live as we say we believe?  By sharing ourselves as true followers of Christ our Lord? To gladly give as we have been given?


O Lord, our God, the Giver of every good and perfect gift, we ask that we may truly be able to live as we have been given. That the love and grace we receive from You, may be given to everyone we meet and especially those we live with. The blessings we receive are multiplied as we share. In The Savior’s Name we pray. Amen.