Come on to My House!

By: Ray Larson

Posted: August 12, 2015

Category: Daily Devotional

Genesis tells us that Jacob discovered that brother Esau was coming down the road to his house and he is not coming alone, he had 400 well trained men with him. It is interesting to note that these two brothers were on the road to meet each other. In your reading, observe what a different look each brother made. Esau comes attended to by a guard of 400 trained men. While Jacob with children and women following him are under his care, so his group of followers are cumbersome at best.

God can and does provide miracles, for though Jacob feared Esau and expected the worse, the very best occurred. Esau ran to meet up with his younger brother not as a threat but, somehow as a loving brother. God has the hearts of all men in his hands. Certainly a thought worth keeping. God can and will turn those who are enemies into accepting friends.

What a deep and wonderful lesson we all can learn. When confronted by another who has been unfriendly, what do we usually expect? We come together on edge with our guard up, expecting the very worse. But what did Jacob receive from his more powerful brother? Not pain but love. What an eternal lesson of love. Always expect the best, and believe that God can bring it about even in our worst enemy.

Would this lesson be something this great country of ours needs to learn and live! Think of what is being said by one politian of another whose office he is trying to win. If only our political parties would all run such a campaign of mutual admiration. In our support of one over another, put them up to the standard of honesty and faith in God our Creator. What a difference this would make in the world God created and passed on to humankind to run and preserve.


Heavenly Father; we know it is never too late to seek your loving presence in this wonderful world you have created and gave us dominion over. May your love be seen always in the way we live and how we react with our friends and neighbors. Amen.