Early Believers

By: Steve Negley

Posted: June 13, 2019

Category: Daily Devotional

Acts 2:43-47; 4:32-37

What is the mark of a believer? When we believe Jesus is God’s Son and our Savior, how does it show? It seems that people might see it in how we live our lives.

In the Spark Story Bible for children, two stories from Acts are told together under the title “Early Believers”:

Some of the early believers were great at sharing. They shared their food and their clothes. They shared their money and their homes. They were so generous! No one was poor or needy because others gave without holding anything back. Together they saw so many miracles and wonders. They met in the temple and they met in their homes. They talked about Jesus and they thanked God for blessing them.

Then something amazing happened. When other people saw how happy these first believers were, sharing all they had and talking about Jesus, they believed too. They became Christians, and they shared their food and their clothes, their money and their homes. They became one big Christian family. And their church family grew and grew and grew.

In retelling these biblical stories, the editors of this children’s Bible describe lots of activities (sharing food, sharing clothes, sharing money, sharing homes, providing for the needs of others) before they ever mentioned words. We often think that belief is a head thing, but it actually shows in what we do with our hands.

Do we act like believers?


God, let me believe fully that Jesus is my Lord and Savior. Let my belief touch my head, my heart, my lips, and my hands, as I use all of them following the Lord in whom I believe.