God’s Promise to Abram

By: Dana Parrish

Posted: June 8, 2015

Category: Daily Devotional

The Lord had said to Abram, “Leave your native country, your relatives, and your father’s family, and go to the land that I will show you. I will make you into a great nation. I will bless you and make you famous, and you will be a blessing to others.” Genesis 12:1-2

Here again I am in awe of the kind of faith Abram had. God told him to go to the land he would show him. Essentially telling Abram to trust Him and He would tell him where to go. Blind faith is the kind of faith we are to have as well. We are to trust God even when we can’t see the end result or even when we know the result is different than what we want it to be. I think that is why it is so hard, at times, to hear what God is telling us. It gets mixed with what we want rather than listening to what God wants. We know what God wants often differs from what we want ourselves and it makes it difficult to follow blindly like Abram did. He packed it all up. A lifetime worth of things and left his family. He hadn’t just started his life with Sari, they were older and settled. Moving was probably not only scary, but a physical burden as well because of his age (it’s not like he could hire movers and a moving truck) yet Abram without question packed it all up and left for the land God would show him. Abram trusted God and believed Him when he said he would make him into a great nation. That’s the kind of trust that transcends what others think of you and where you throw all caution to the wind to follow God. I don’t think Abram was too concerned with what others thought or that telling them he was following God might make him look a bit crazy. There are so many reasons to read God’s word every day, but one very important reason is to be inspired by these stories of obedience so that we can walk in obedience ourselves.

I have a friend, Phyllis, who left her entire life here in the states behind to move to a third world country because God told her to. If you think she didn’t have people telling her she was crazy you are wrong. Most didn’t understand her decision to follow God in that way. They questioned her often about whether or not she was sure it was God she heard telling her. He has blessed her move over and over again. Obedience is what God calls us to and she did just that. Her life and commitment to following Jesus has been a testimony to so many including me. She is so precious to me for more reasons that one, but mostly it is her constant, unwavering faith in Jesus and commitment to following His will. That is not to say it has been without some trials along the way. Isn’t that what makes it so amazing? There will be trials along the way, but we must remain faithful and obedient. Abram encountered trials along his journey as well, but it didn’t stop him from following God. Abram’s commitment and life is a testimony. I pray that I have that kind of courage to be obedient to what God is calling me to do in my own life for His glory. His glory is all that matters in the end.


Gracious God, I pray that I have the courage to follow You in blind obedience to wherever You are leading. Please allow me to stay strong and not be hindered by trials along the way. Help me to fight the good fight and finish the race You have called me too. Help me to dig deep into Your word for wisdom when making decisions in this life. Forgive me of my sins and thank You for your grace that covers me and assures me that I am Yours. In Jesus Name, Amen