Jesus Teaches About Anger

By: Steve Negley

Posted: March 23, 2019

Category: Daily Devotional

In the Spark Story Bible for children, the devotion based on Matthew 5:21-37 ends with this exercise:

Make angry faces in the mirror. What makes you angry? Talk to someone about how you turn your anger into love.

That’s a pretty good thing to do since we all might tend to be angry from time to time.

Before this suggested exercise, there was a lesson in this children’s Bible:

“Do not call other people names,” Jesus said. He explained that using unkind names hurts people’s feelings. Jesus continued, “If you are angry with someone, talk to them about what makes you angry, work the problem out, and forgive each other. Forgiveness shows love.” The people nodded, listening to what Jesus was saying.

“Treat your family members and friends politely and kindly,” Jesus said.

“Wow! Jesus had great things to tell the people. How wonderful the world would be if everyone followed Jesus’ words!”



God, help me to focus on what makes me angry, but only long enough to apply the words of Jesus to my life as I turn my anger over that into love. Amen.