Mary Anoints Jesus

By: Alan Harvey

Posted: May 23, 2019

Category: Daily Devotional

John 12:1-8

Have you ever wanted to show your love in an extravagant manner? Have you ever spent “a little too much” on flowers or a supper? Have you ever bought a child a gift that was a little over the top?

In the Spark Story Bible for children, there’s a story that is told about one of Jesus’ followers named Mary, and her outpouring of love:

Six days before the holiday called Passover, Jesus joined some friends for dinner at Lazarus’ house. Jesus sat between Lazarus and Judas. Martha set the table in front of them.

All of a sudden, the room filled with the scent of expensive perfume. Drip, drop, splash! Mary was anointing the feet of Jesus with a whole jar of fancy perfume.

“What a waste, Mary!” Judas said. “You should save that perfume and sell it and give the money to the poor.”

“Mary is showing her love,” Jesus interrupted. “Her love isn’t a waste!”

Jesus added, “God doesn’t save any love but pours it all out on each of us. Give all of your love to God.”

The house smelled of the perfume for a long time. It was a reminder of Jesus’ lesson of God’s overflowing love.

Have you ever been “wastefully extravagant” in sharing the love of God that bubbles over from all that God has done for us?

It feels good, doesn’t it?


Dear God, let me love others today in proportion to how much You show Your love for me in Jesus, my Lord and Savior, in whose name I pray. Amen.