Promises are Promises

By: Steve Negley

Posted: January 15, 2019

Category: Daily Devotional

Genesis 24; 25:19-28

The words to the chorus of a contemporary Christian song, “Promises are Promises and Facts are Facts” by the artist Steven Curtis Chapman state:

I know there’s a God who knows my name
And a Son who died to take the blame
I believe that Jesus is coming back
’cause promises are promises and facts are facts

This statement builds on a long list of promises in the Bible. One of the early promises had to do with God calling (there’s a God who knows my name) and blessing a people. The promise was first made to Abraham, and then the promise was repeated to the next generation in Abraham’s family, as God continued the promise with Isaac and Rebekah.

The story involves a journey to the land where people believed in God, a well and offering water to a man and some camels, and people believing that God keeps God’s promises.

And the story in the Spark Children’s Bible ends like this:

“I have always wanted to have a big family,” Rebekah said with a smile. “I know that God keeps promises. I will marry Isaac.”

 After Isaac and Rebekah got married, Isaac prayed for children. Isaac and Rebekah had twin boys named Esau and Jacob. Isaac’s children were Abraham’s grandchildren, just like God had promised.

 It’s a good exercise to keep track of the promises that God has made and kept as we move through the biblical story.

Promises are promises to us.


Wonderful God, remind me of Your promises made and kept long ago, so that I am ready to believe the promises You make to me today. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.