The End of the Story is a Happy One

By: Ray Larson

Posted: October 6, 2015

Category: Daily Devotional

Have you ever experienced in your life a family story that went from a difficult challenge to a beautiful happy end? It seems as if God was trying to test all the players in this real life situation, a test to make sure the God’s lesson was truly learned!

For those of us today who are reading this story in the Book of Genesis must come to the conclusion that all things that God has a hand in it, does come to a happy ending. Even before the secret of Joseph was made known to his father and family we knew. From what started out as perhaps one of the most difficult stories of the Old Testament came to be a wonderful family lesson warming our hearts.

It sort of reminds me of what is happening in our day and age. The Roman Catholic Pope has come to visit America, and we are all praying for a safe and warm welcome for him. We wish the very best to him and to everyone no matter what religious body of faith they belong to, We can say with sincerity, our wish for the Pope is a most happy and warm felt welcome here in America. I have no problem hoping he will have a wonderful and pleasing time, visiting us and offering his holy prayers for all of us.

When Joseph’s brothers came to their father to tell him that their brother and his son was alive and well in Egypt, Jacob was stunned! Jacob just could not believe that the son whom he thought was dead was now actually alive! What an ending to this heartwarming story. “Israel, ‘Jacob’, said, enough! My son Joseph is still alive!” This is a wonderful expression of faith in God, no matter what appears to be impossible is in our Father God’s hands always possible! We to can say from our faith, May all that Almighty God does, bring a heartwarming blessing to us.


O Lord God, what a wonder was revealed to our understanding of the ancient faith, given to us in this Book titled Genesis. From it may we forever learn that human beings are always fraud and our Creator God will always be a loving and forgiving heavenly Father. We pray and live in Christ’s grace. Amen.