When You Pray, Say…!

By: Ray Larson

Posted: July 10, 2014

Category: Daily Devotional

Matthew 6: 7-15 has Jesus teaching his disciples the way of prayer and what it truly means to pray. I was visiting with a lady just the other day and she asked me a question that still resides with me. This lady is a member of our church and as far as I know she is in good standing and a member of many years. She wondered if The Lord’s Prayer was actually correct in its teaching. I have not heard the Lord’s Prayer ever questioned as to its accuracy before, and she was not able to just remember now what it was that bothered her about the prayer.

I had never heard anybody question The Lord’s Prayer before; I guess it just shows what a sheltered life I have lived! I suggested that we could pray the prayer aloud together. When we had finished she said that it sounded fine to her. This experience gave me the opportunity to rethink my faith in this prayer that our Lord Jesus taught. I do believe Jesus not only taught this to his group of disciples, but to all of his disciples throughout the years, even to this very moment.

When Jesus told his disciples, “when you pray” it sounds as if he took it for granted that they did pray. Jesus was not concerned about whether or not they prayed. There was no doubt that they prayed. The doubt, if any, was how they prayed and what they pray for? This is our lesson, not if we pray, but how do we pray, and what do we ask God, who hears our prayers, to do for us and all others.


Thank you, O Father God, for loving us so much that you do want to hear our prayer. Thank you, Lord Jesus for teaching us to pray. Thank you, Holy Spirit for giving us the faith to pray. Amen.