It’s that time of year again when flocks of flamingos begin mysteriously arriving in the yards of unsuspecting church members. Please join in on the fun and take part in this fundraiser which helps support the youth summer trips. Participants of this event can pay $20 to have someone else’s yard “flocked” with flamingos. The flock will stay in the yard for 24 hours and then move on to a new location. Flamingo insurance may be purchased for $40 to insure that NO flamingos end up in your yard. Or ‘triple flock’ a friend you really love for $50. Members of our youth ministry programs will be selling both flockings and insurance after Sunday services.

By fundraising for our summer trips, we are able to help lower the cost (typically between $400-$450 per youth) for the youth who are going. Thank you for ALL that you do to support our youth ministry programs! Thank you especially for supporting the Flamingo Fundraiser!