Easter Reflections: Walking In Their Shoes

There is an old expression that to understand someone, you must walk in their shoes. I often try to take this approach as I read and study scripture. When I think about the women coming to Jesus’ tomb with spices, I can’t help but wonder what they were thinking and feeling.

We wake up Easter morning with a tremendous feeling of joy and expectation for what the day will bring. Whether you are a child finding that a magical creature hid eggs all around the house and church, or you are looking forward to worship and food with family and friends.

But these two women, on the other hand, woke up and collected spices with extreme sadness. They must have walked fighting tears only then to be confronted by a terrifying situation. Their heart must have been racing and their adrenaline pumping as they approached a tomb whose stone was rolled away. I can almost hear faint whispers of terror and confusion as they crept into the tomb. It must have literally made them scream and jump in fright as they were suddenly confronted by two angels appearing out of nowhere by their sides.

Even after the angels explained that Jesus was raised so that the scriptures would be fulfilled, I still imagine that the women were not immediately joyful. For sometime afterwards they must have replayed the events in their minds trying to make sense of what happened.

But at some point, their sorrow turned to joy; a joy that I can only imagine.

-David Brinson


Lord of Life, rule our lives so that we experience and show others the joy of our life in You.  Amen.