New Glory to God Hymnal

Over a period of three and a half years, the Presbyterian Committee on Congregational Song met regularly to sing, discuss, and consider thousands of hymns and songs to be included in the new Presbyterian hymnal. In 2012, the new hymnal was presented to the General Assembly and it was commended for use within the church. In late 2013, the hymnals were printed and began to be used in worship. After thorough discussion and consideration, the Session of First Presbyterian Church of Winter Haven has adopted the new Presbyterian Hymnal Glory to God for use in worship.

Quick Facts

  • Glory to God contains 853 hymns, compared to 605 of the current Blue hymnal.
  • 65% of the Blue hymnal is in Glory to God; which basically means, if there is a hymn you like in the Blue hymnal… it’s in Glory to God.
  • The 65% of the Blue hymnal only constitutes 50% of the new hymnal.
  • This means there are over 400 new hymns in the Glory to God!

To raise the funds necessary for Glory to God, the Session as approved the selling of dedications for each hymnal. Each dedication will be attached to the inside cover of the hymnal and will cost $20.

“What about the Blue hymnals?”

  • If you or your family purchased a Blue hymnal dedication, you will be encouraged to take that hymnal home after Glory to God is adopted in mid-April. The Worship and Music Committee will labeling all the blue hymnals for pick-up.

We began using the new hymnal on Palm Sunday and there are still some hymnals available for dedication, if interested in purchasing a dedication please call or email the office at